1951 – 2021
We have believed in a world without borders for 70 years.

2021 will mark the 70th anniversary of SSML Carlo Bo.

From the very first day, we have imagined a world without borders, the one we have always discovered together with our students and that today we celebrate as a symbol of great value.

Thanks to the mastery of a young calligrapher, we have created a unique work that will be exhibited in all our campuses. To create this art piece, unique in meaning and value, we have organised an online contest open to everyone. Through it, we have collected the words that according to Carlo Bo students and teachers, but also external users, best represent an open and hyper-connected world. We have selected 200 of them, as many as the countries around the globe, and translated them into the eight languages studied at Carlo Bo.  Finally, we have given them to the artist, who used them to give shape to our idea of a world without borders. Today, we are proud to present to you not only the symbol of our past but also a map of our future.

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