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Do you have passion for foreign languages and cultures? Open yourself to a world without borders with the undergraduate degree (equivalent to BA) in Language Mediation Sciences at SSML Carlo Bo!

Begin a journey among cultures around the world and learn how to communicate effectively under the guidance of teachers and professionals in the field.

Admission tests are on July 16, 2024 at SSML Carlo Bo, what are you waiting for?

During your studies at SSML Carlo Bo, you will improve your English and your second language of choice among:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Russian

What are the advantages of studying at SSML Carlo Bo?

  • Quality teaching with small classes: students are closely supervised
  • 720 laboratory hours for each language that is +20% compared to other institutes and universities
  • Modern and technological teaching facilities
  • Teachers who are also professionals in the field, both native speakers and Italians
  • Opportunity to experience abroad with the Erasmus+ Programme
  • Final degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
  • Guaranteed access to postgraduate degrees (equivalent to Master’s Degrees) in Specialised Translation and Interpreting
  • Assistance with job placement
  • Collaboration with some of the best Italian companies and institutions
  • Numerous professional opportunities

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What are the professional opportunities for students graduated from SSML Carlo Bo?

With a degree in Language Mediation Sciences, you can become an established professional in various fields

sbocchi professionali

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What can you specialise in by studying at SSML Carlo Bo?

The first-level university degree equivalent to a BA in Language Mediation Sciences trains tomorrow’s language mediators, figures who are increasingly in demand in the job market. After a common first-year course for all students, the course is divided into 3 different and specific specialisations:

  • Language Mediation and International Negotiation. In-depth study of intercultural and legal fields, with three laboratories as elective training activities (simultaneous translation 1 and 2, and Italian writing).
  • International Trade and Multicultural Sales. In-depth study of economic/commercial subjects, with optional training activities in e-commerce and market strategies.
  • Digital Communication and Social Media Marketing. In-depth study of digital communication, social media and influencer marketing, with elective training activities in international marketing.

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Where SSML Carlo Bo is located

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How to register for SSML Carlo Bo

The steps to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Language Mediation program at SSML
Carlo Bo are two:

1- Entry Assessment Interview

Participate in the entry assessment interview. The next date is July 16, 2024, deadline to register is July 14, 2024. The application fee for the interview is €30, and the amount will be deducted from the first installment in case of matriculation.

The interview for the admission test aims to check your personal preparation, motivation and language skills. The test includes:

  • One part in Italian
  • One part in English (compulsory in SSML Carlo Bo curriculum)
  • One part in French, German, or Spanish if you choose one of them as your second language of study. If you choose to study Chinese, Russian, or Arabic, you will not have to test your skills.
  • Orientation interview with contact persons.

The interview takes place in person and you can choose to have it at the nearest SSML Carlo Bo campus, which will not be binding for matriculation.

2- Matriculation
Once you have passed the admission test, you can proceed to matriculation. Remember that all matriculations made before June 30, 2024 will receive a 10% discount on tuition fees.
Find all the information about the documents required and how to matriculate on the appropriate webpage.

How much does it cost to enroll in SSML Carlo Bo?

Professionalism and transparency are the strengths of SSML Carlo Bo, even when it comes to cost. The first step to join us is to take an Entry Assessment Interview, which aims to establish your incoming language level. The enrollment costs €30, which will be deducted from the first installment in case of matriculation.

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Enrollment Fees

Students enrolled at SSML Carlo Bo must pay annually tuition fees and charges based on their ISEE (Financial Status Indicator).

The Institute applies a three-income band system to allow everyone to have equal opportunities and access to specialised trainings: the annual fee ranges from € 2,230 to € 5,930. However, special deals for particular categories of students and promotional events are available to provide a discount of up to 20% on the amount of the all-inclusive annual fee.

Useful documents:

Regulation of 2024/2025 matriculation and enrollment fees and charges
2023/2024 matriculation fees and charges
2023/2024 re-enrollment fees and charges for regular attending students
2023/2024 re-enrollment fees and charges for repeating students

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a world without borders is waiting for you!

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Complete and submit the Support Request and you will be contacted by the staff of your local Student Office, who will help you finalise your registration for the Entry Assessment Interview.


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