Explore our Online Chinese Course dedicated to the New HSK Certificate & BCT (Business Chinese Test)

Immerse yourself in a unique learning experience designed to improve your understanding of the Chinese language and prepare you to stand out in the New HSK Standard Course and BCT Course Certificate, through the renowned Chinese Cloud Learning platform “ChinesePlus.”

  • Native and Experienced Chinese Teachers: You will be guided by highly qualified teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.
  • Tailor-made mentoring and tutoring sessions: In addition to being available during classes, the tutor is committed to offering individual mentoring sessions to cope with specific language or cultural difficulties that students may encounter.
  • Certificate and Scholarship: At the end of the two-level course, you will obtain a certificate that confirms your commitment to Chinese language and culture. If you get the highest score at least twice, you will be offered an extraordinary opportunity: a scholarship to participate in summer or winter programmes in China, certified by SSML Carlo Bo. This experience will offer a full immersion into the Chinese language and culture, a unique chance to enrich your educational path.
  • Innovative Methodology: Exploiting an innovative teaching methodology, our course offers an engaging and practical approach to learn the Chinese language. The aim is not only to acquire language skills, but also to immerse yourself in the richness of the Chinese culture.
  • Interactive Online Classes: Through our online classes, you will be able to access an interactive environment allowing you to connect with teachers and colleagues from all over the world. A global learning community to enrich your experience.
  • Preparation for the HSK and BCT: Our programme is specifically structured to prepare you for the new HSK Standard Course and BCT examination. We will provide you with the language skills and confidence to successfully tackle these important certificates.
  • Exclusive Online Resources: In addition to the lessons, you will have access to exclusive online resources including teaching materials, interactive exercises and practice sessions that will complement your learning comprehensively. The Chinese Plus platform offers more than 12,000 video courses covering over 300 topics and divided into 5 groups. Areas covered, among others: Chinese Language Learning, Chinese Language Testing, Chinese Culture and Contemporary China, Teachers Professional Growth and Chinese Language Training, as well as Professional Training. Resources are available any time on our webpage by logging in with your credentials (mooc.chineseplus.net).

Online training offer for the BCT and HSK courses

BCT (A1) 13/01/2024 Saturday teacher + tutor
BCT (A2) 13/01/2024 Saturday teacher + tutor
BCT (A3) 13/01/2024 Saturday teacher + tutor
HSK 3 13/01/2024 Saturday teacher + tutor
HSK 4 13/01/2024 Saturday teacher + tutor
HSK 5 13/01/2024 Saturday teacher + tutor


Duration and Modalities: A flexible learning pathway tailored to you.

Immerse yourself in a training course specifically designed for language mediators, balancing personal commitments, free time and your wish to learn. This is our offer:

  • Course Duration: Each individual level course is distributed over a total of 56 hours (28 hours a semester), an amount of hours aimed at maximizing your command of the Chinese language in the shortest possible time.
  • Online Lessons: All lessons are available online, ensuring convenient and flexible access on your own schedule. Whether you are travelling or at home, learning will always be just a click away.
  • Time Flexibility: We know the importance of flexibility. Lessons are structured to fit in with your daily schedule. You can access learning resources, participate in lessons and complete exercises when it is most convenient for you.
  • Accessibility: Our online platform is designed to be accessible from any device. Whether you are using a computer, tablet or smartphone, you will be in complete control of your learning journey (chineseplus.net).
  • Interactive Learning Materials: In addition to real-time lessons, you will have access to interactive learning materials that you can use according to your time availability. These materials will further enrich your learning experience.


The new HSK and BCT Certificates

The new HSK and BCT Certificates offer our students a path of excellence in the Chinese language domain, with global recognition and unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Strategic Importance of HSK and BCT Certificates:

Gateway to Chinese Universities: The HSK or BCT diploma is the gateway to prestigious Chinese universities.  Passing this examination is a prerequisite for those who wish to enter on academic career in China, thus opening the door to further outstanding academic opportunities.

A Plus in the Professional World: Both the HSK and BCT are not only an academic award but also a key to open new professional opportunities. In an increasingly global working environment, having an HSK or a BCT certificate which attests your competence in the Chinese language significantly increases your competitiveness in the labour market.

Language Skills Assessment Tool: The HSK goes beyond obtaining a certificate; it is a dynamic tool to assess and continuously improve your language skills. Through a comprehensive approach, it measures your Chinese language proficiency in everyday academic and professional challenges, thus allowing you to enhance your command of the language.

The ChinesePlus Programme

About ChinesePlus: A Global Overview of Training Excellence
Chineseplus stands out as a platform for Chinese language training services, establishing itself as a recognised leader worldwide. Its mission is to integrate global partnerships, innovative technologies and advanced teaching resources to offer comprehensive online and offline educational support.

Global Collaborations: A World of Educational Connections
Chinese Plus is open to global collaborations with higher education institutions, state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality courses. The platform aims to create a synergistic learning environment, enriching Chinese language learning through a vast network of global connections.

Success and Statistics
The numbers speak for themselves: ChinesePlus has launched thousands of online courses, established global partnerships with educational institutions and companies around the world, and enrolled millions of students among its participants. To date, ChinesePlus has launched 18,000 online courses, establishing partnerships with over 1,400 schools, institutions, and companies in 161 countries. This success highlights the platform’s effectiveness in providing quality training worldwide.

ChinesePlus Online Classroom Platform: An Immersive Learning Experience
The ChinesePlus Online Classroom platform offers a cutting-edge approach to Chinese language learning. Online courses are taught by renowned teachers through a combination of streaming + tutoring, providing an engaging and interactive environment. With varied teaching modes and a flexible learning platform, ChinesePlus Online Classroom is designed to meet the learning needs of students from all over the world.

Join us and learn or improve your Chinese language skills with ChinesePlus Online Classroom at SSML Carlo Bo. Prepare your future with the new HSK and BCT certificates and take advantage of the ChinesePlus resources for a comprehensive and global learning experience.

Check out the ChinesePlus App in the Apple Store or Play Store (Android).

For more information, please contact us at the following numbers:

Bari: +39 080 5210997 – From 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Roma: +39 06 44292970 – From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Or via e-mail at chineseplus@ssmlcarlobo.it

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