The Executive Master start date: January 2024

Executive Master in Audiovisual Translation, Dialogue Adaptation, and Audio Description

The Executive Master’s Course in Audiovisual Translation, Dialogue Adaptation, and Audio Description at SSML Carlo Bo in Bologna has a structured curriculum designed to prepare highly qualified professionals in the adaptation and localisation of audiovisual content. Within an increasing interconnected and multicultural world, the skills acquired during this Master’s programme are essential to meet the needs of the entertainment, film and television industries.

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Learning Objectives

Acquisition of advanced skills in audiovisual translation, subtitling, dubbing, and audio description of audiovisual products and cultural heritage.

  • Improvement of the linguistic and technical skills necessary for the adaptation of multimedia content.
  • Deepening of theoretical and practical knowledge to build solid professional skills.
  • Access to practical and workshop experiences with experts in the field.
  • Final certificate to be included in your curriculum.

Career Perspectives

The Executive Master’s programme offers career opportunities in the film, television, and multimedia industry. After completion of the course, students will be able to perform key roles as audiovisual translators, dialogue adaptors, subtitling specialists as well as audio description professionals. These skills are in high demand due to the constantly growing use of multimedia content.


Pre-enrollment for the Executive Master’s Course starts on Tuesday 7 November 2023
Closing date for pre-enrollment is on 31 December 2023

The Master will run from January to May 2024.

Taught Programmes

The curriculum includes three main units dedicated to dialogue adaptation, subtitling, and audio description, as well as theoretical and practical classes.

Participation Requirements

The Executive Master’s Course is open to students with a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree in: Linguistic Mediation Sciences (L-12), Comparative Languages and Cultures (L-11), Foreign Languages and Literatures, Modern European and American Languages and Literatures (LM-37), Modern Languages for Communication and Cooperation (LM-38), or students coming from the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy provided that they have a C1 English level according to CEFR. Language skills will be assessed during an interview aimed to confirm candidates’ aptitude for attending the course. In the event that during the interview two or more candidates are considered as being of equal merit, preference will be given to the candidate with more in-depth language skills in two or more foreign languages.

Fees: €4,000 + €16 (tax stamp)
(First instalment: €2,500 at the time of enrollment after CV has been submitted; second instalment: €1,500 in April 2024).

Minimum number of applicants for the Master activation: 15

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Why you should attend this Master at SSML Carlo Bo

Studying for this Executive Master’s in Audiovisual Translation, Dialogue Adaptation and Audio Description at SSML Carlo Bo offers a unique opportunity to develop highly specialised skills in a growing sector. Why the Master is a plus:

  • Academic excellence: SSML Carlo Bo has long tradition of excellence and this Master’s programme offers high-quality education supervised by experts in the sector.
  • Practical experience: practical training and exercises will allow you to directly put into practice what you have learnt in the classroom
  • Contact with industry experts: You will interact with experienced professionals in the field, learning from those who are active in the field
  • A certificate recognised: you will receive a certificate of attendance that will enhance your CV and increase your career opportunities
  • Networks: you will have the opportunity to create valuable networks in the world of multimedia adaptation

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Dates of the preliminary assessment interviews:

The next dates will be communicated to the candidates by the Students’ Office.

Interview for admission

The preliminary assessment interview consists of a test aimed at assessing the readiness and interest of the candidate for the audiovisual and dubbing sector. A further interview will be scheduled to assess the English language proficiency level (C1).


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