Tax ID Code 80073370159

When you complete your income tax return form, you can allocate 5×1000 of your taxable income to support social purposes or research organisations following the same procedure for allocating 8×1000 to support churches or religious communities.

The SSML (Higher Education Institute for Language Mediators) Foundation is recognised by Italy’s Ministry of Economy as a scientific research organisation eligible for allocation.

If you choose to allocate 5×1000, you can specify the following tax ID code: 80073370159.
5×1000 is in not an alternative to 8×1000 (both choices are available), and it does not represent any burden for the taxpayer: it is a matter of declaring individual preference on a share of taxes that in the past was managed by the government.

It is a simple but important action, as it allows you to show your trust in a scientific institution and to support us in our mission and educational project.

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