Discover SSML Carlo Bo in Milan and the Degree Course in Language Mediation Sciences that will give you the skills required to become a successful cultural mediator.

Welcome to the presentation of the Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication course at SSML Carlo Bo located in Milan, a higher education institute for language mediators recognised for excellence in language and cultural education.

SSML Carlo Bo in Milan is innovative, inclusive, interactive.
It opened in 1951 and since then it has been training the best Italian interpreters and translators. Today, the Institute is still training an indispensable professional figure in the world in which we live: the Language Mediator.

Our training offer in Language Mediation Sciences gives you a complete and advanced pathway to become an expert in intercultural mediation, a constantly growing sector that is increasingly in demand in an ever-changing global society.

If you are interested in becoming an expert in language and cultural mediation, SSML Carlo Bo in Milan is the right choice for you. Find out more about our training offer and services.

Study Plans
The Degree Course provides a common curriculum for the first year and three specific curricula for the second and third year: which one do you choose?

SSML Carlo Bo campus in Milan is equipped with:

  • 22 classrooms
  • 1 study room
  • 1 computer room
  • 1 refreshment area with vending machines
  • 2 classrooms for simultaneous interpreting
  • 1 Aula Magna equipped with bidule and simultaneous interpreting booths.

Why choose the educational offer of SSML Carlo Bo in Milan

Our training offer is based on an innovative methodology, which integrates the theoretical approach with professional practice, through traineeships, laboratories, work placements and projects in collaboration with businesses, public authorities and international organisations.
SSML Carlo Bo has a long tradition in teaching foreign languages for professional purposes. The teachers are also professional interpreters and translators, a characteristic that allows them to bring their experience into the classroom, making teaching dynamic, varied and in line with the demands of an increasingly fluid and elastic world of work. In addition to this, we offer an optimal class size ratio that allows teachers to respond promptly to all teaching needs.
Thanks to our privileged location in Milan, the nerve centre of international relations and communication, you will be able to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage conflict situations as well as the challenges of communication between different cultures.


Our teachers

Our teaching staff, made up of experts in the field, will guide you through an articulated and comprehensive training course, enabling you to develop your language, cultural, and mediation skills with a practical and concrete approach.

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